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I love books. Just staring at my bookshelves gives me a sense of peace. Rather than any specific genre, I love good books. To me a good book is one that at the end leaves me happier and/or smarter.

Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh

This book was excellent - I read it all in one go and did not want to put it down. The only reason it's not getting five stars is because it didn't have that extra something that makes a book a hands-down, keep-forever favorite - and Nalini Singh is more than capable of producing those (Like Heart of Obsidian - OMG!!!). As exciting as this book was, it felt a little bit like a place marker in the Archangels series, as if the real action will happen in the next few books and this was setting the stage. I loved all the interpersonal drama between Raphael and Elena - I appreciate when authors revisit characters who have already achieved their HEA and show us the difficulty involved in keeping that relationship healthy.