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I love books. Just staring at my bookshelves gives me a sense of peace. Rather than any specific genre, I love good books. To me a good book is one that at the end leaves me happier and/or smarter.

A Royal Mess / Her Knight to Remember by Jill Shalvis

This book is two novellas by Jill Shalvis, one of my favorite authors, published in 2002, eight years before her amazing Lucky Harbor series. She's come a LONG way. The stories were trite, the characters undeveloped and two-dimensional, and the endings unbelievable to me even for romance. The first story, A Royal Mess, isn't too bad and I enjoyed the pluckiness of the heroine even if it did come across as recklessness and stupidity at least 1/3 of the time. The second story, Her Knight to Remember, was downright offensive in that the hero is a complete alpha-jerk and I really wanted the heroine to deliver a fatal kick to his head the whole time. So yeah, Jill Shalvis vastly improved in the 8 years between this book and Simply Irresistible. One thing that did give glimpses of her talent: the scene writing. There are a few scenes in these stories that are amazingly well done and carry the reader into the emotions and reactions of the characters who a page before were too flat.