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I love books. Just staring at my bookshelves gives me a sense of peace. Rather than any specific genre, I love good books. To me a good book is one that at the end leaves me happier and/or smarter.

The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes

The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes - Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Jones III, Karen  Berger, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, Mike Dringenberg I did NOT like this book. Yes, Neil Gaiman is an amazingly original author whom I normally adore and the comic is well-drawn & executed BUT this does not make up for the sickening horror of so much of the book in the style of Palahnuik’s put-this-author-on-anti-psychotic’s Haunted. The only reason I'm not giving it one star is the fascinating character of the Sandman and some of the amazing emotions captured so vividly in single lines ("Ask yourselves, all of you...What power would Hell have if those here imprisoned were not able to dream of Heaven?"). I can see myself asking others how things go for the hero in the rest of the series, but doubt I’ll be tempted to ever try the next book.