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I love books. Just staring at my bookshelves gives me a sense of peace. Rather than any specific genre, I love good books. To me a good book is one that at the end leaves me happier and/or smarter.

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta - David Lloyd, Alan Moore I love the movie V for Vendetta. Maybe if I'd read this before I watched the movie I would've enjoyed it more. As it is, the authors lost me when the graphic novel version of Evey was:1. blonde2. sixteen years old3. trying out prostitution, and worst of all,4. extremely weepy and fragile.In the movie it seemed that V helped Evey find her own inner strength in order for her to become unstoppable by those who wanted to crush her. In the book, I felt like V sadistically crushed all spirit out of Evey himself in order to make her a brain-washed pawn in his game of revenge.